Audio & Visual solutions for your san diego home

Audio Solutions


For some, multi-room audio is as simple as having a portable radio playing their favorite talk radio station that they carry from room to room, for others it’s important to have rock concert level volumes in all rooms of the house, and in the outdoor entertainment areas as well. Whatever your preference we can help design a system that meets your needs.

Our whole house audio systems revolve around three core design principles:

It has to be easy to use. This means you will have a consistent user experience in all rooms of the house. Independent volume adjustment is a given, and the ability to play different music in different areas or the same song in all the rooms with one button push is a must, and last but not least is having the ability to select and stream your favorite album or track from a growing number of internet music streaming providers with minimal steps or button pushes. 


It has to fit the space from a sound and aesthetic standpoint. this does not mean every speaker needs to be $10,000 plus per pair, or you need more speakers than lights, but there is nothing worse than listening to a shrill sounding speaker or having loud spots and quiet spots in a large open plan room. Worse is making certain areas of a room unusable because the speakers were installed in a distant corner 50 feet from where you actually spend time in the room. Speaker position matters. Oh and if you don’t want to see your speakers at all, we have invisible speakers that sound amazing so you can still get great sound without the ceiling or walls looking busy.


No visible cables or ugly electronic equipment insight. Having to look at a bird’s nest of cables, or worse having dangling cables visible is just not necessary. All your electronics should be hidden out of sight in a closet or cabinet, with wires neatly managed and labeled so future servicing or changes are simple is Essential.

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Wireless Audio Systems

If you have an existing residence that has not been wired for sound and you would like to add music to various rooms then we have some of the best wireless audio brands in the industry. We carry Sonos and Denon Heos as well as B&W Formation.
We have the diagnostic tools to make deploying a wireless music system a seamless process. It determines if your WiFi system is capable, and up to the job of supporting the speakers in all the rooms you want coverage in.

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Two Channel Audio

Thinking of creating a special listening room, or areas in your house? We can help make that a reality, With some of the best two channel brands in the industry available right here in San Diego. We can help the discerning listener create that perfect sound. We have a dedicated experience center in Miramar
We offer speakers from B&W, Bang & Olufsen, power amps from Rotel, Marantz, Integra.

Home Theatres and Movie Room Solutions

We can design a Theater or movie room for your space. Enjoy family time at home watching your favorite movies in your own environment. Whether it’s a dedicated movie room or a multi-purpose space we can help you and your design team to make the most of it. We can coordinate all the elements, from theater seating options to sound diffusers and acoustic treatments, electronics and speakers from brands you know and trust. We can deliver that special environment.


Outdoor and Landscape Audio Solutions

Wanting to add a little sound to your backyard, but you are also worried about disturbing the neighbors?

We have some clever solutions that can mean you still enjoy music around your yard, entertaining areas or pool without disturbing your neighbors.

Our speakers are all weather capable, with the perfect balance between elegance, sound and durability. They are designed to be placed throughout flowerbeds, and gardens blanketing your outdoor spaces with rich beautiful sound, they are completely scalable for every outdoor listening experience, from courtyards and patios to entire residential estates. The best part is they are directional so we can direct the sound toward the areas you want, and not the areas you don’t.