Experience seamless fast WiFi in all areas of your home.

We’re all spending more and more time streaming TV and audio, working from home on mobile devices and connecting with friends from phones. On top of that, more and more wireless devices can be connected to WiFi for the home network – such as security cameras, audio speakers and even doorbells.

But first, you need wireless coverage from every corner of the house.


We can design a home WiFi solution that will give you…


  • Total WiFi coverage across the home
  • Reliable streaming of TV, movies, and music
  • Faster internet access for mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Control and limit children’s WiFi usage at different times of the day – i.e. limit children’s access
  • A future-proofed network that’s easy to add wireless-capable devices to
  • Support when you need it, have someone to call who can help with all the how-to questions or if something is just not working correctly.

We can help give you control of your childs internet connectivity.

You can :

  • Block Inappropriate Content
  • Limit Screen Time
  • Control Games and Apps
  • Monitor Social Networks
  • Monitor Calls and SMS
  • Track Location and Panic Alerts

Get transparency into which devices are connected to the network and provide the power to control which devices stay connected and when.

From The Blog – what you should know about WiFi

The importance of design to achieve a great home WiFi network.

For most families, the home network and WiFi are as important as hot and cold running water. If Maslow was alive he would have included WiFi in his hierarchy of needs table. It’s right up there with food and shelter as a primary need nowadays. More so if you have children of any age. I can hear your children’s screams from my place when the internet drops out or it’s turned off…

Are cables really necessary in the age of WiFi?

We often get asked if cables are necessary in the age of ‘wireless everything’. The truth is – cables are more necessary than ever. The internet service provider (ISP) supplied hardware is fine for a smaller house (less than 1100 sqf depending on what it’s constructed from). Wi-Fi is too high frequency to be able to travel through lots of walls and floors effectively…

We can help

So if you want a robust quality home network with great WiFi in your San Diego home, please get in touch with us. We would love to help.