When building a new home, there is much to consider, a lot of it is technical given how technology-driven modern houses have become.

At Lightworks we work alongside builders to design you a smart home electrical system that combines great functionality with superb style.
From energy-efficient intelligent lighting to discreet keypads, you will be proud of every aspect of your new home.

One of the advantages of choosing to work with Lightworks from the beginning of a project is that smart planning will be part of the initial design, rather than an afterthought. When left too late, it’s very common to find that insufficient hardware/wiring has been installed for all the systems you want to run – the modern equivalent of not enough power outlets. Don’t let that happen to you!

We also take care of the installation and project management of the electrical aspects (and smart areas) of your new home building project.


“We are a custom home builder and premier remodeling company that has been serving Southern California for over 30 years. We recently had the pleasure of adding Lightworks to our highly qualified team of tradesmen. Troy Dunnington, owner of this innovative electrical design build company, takes great pride in delivering to us, a quality product. His crew of experienced technicians are knowledgeable, accommodating, and possess a willingness to complete the required tasks in a timely manner. Thank you Lightworks, for your contribution with helping maintain Select Builders high construction standards.”

Mike Mastrobattista
Owner, Select Builders



When you decide it’s time to renovate it may be that you are planning to sell, or perhaps to incorporate new technologies in your home or because it’s simply time for a more modern décor.

As part of the renovation we ensure your home is updated for today’s technology-based lifestyle. We upgrade old, dangerous or non-compliant wiring or switchboards, so they fully meet current electrical compliance and safety standards.

We can design a modern electrical system that blends into older architecture, maintaining the period feel of your home while upgraded LED lighting will deliver energy efficiencies.

Before we start any remodel project, we find out what you want to achieve and discuss ways we can future-proof your home, adding to its value and ensuring upcoming technology changes can be easily incorporated without further major work.


“Lightworks has been an integral partner on numerous projects we have worked on together. Growing up an Electrical Contractors daughter, Lighting has always been a top priority for my projects. Todd Walling has been an attentive and creative consultant with his knowledge and lighting design expertise, as well as the Lightworks team of electricians and home integration specialists. It’s been a great convenience also that Lightworks has the capabilities to offer an entire package, including shade products and integration for overall smart home control. Troy, Todd, Lisa and the Lightworks group are extremely professional and responsive. I never have to worry about customer care and service when I refer Lightworks to my clients. I highly recommend Lightworks.”

Beverly Feldman
Owner, SPACE Urban Resource Center

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