In today’s fast paced world, we believe that having the most current insight into industry technology is a crucial component of the foundation of running a successful business. This is why we devote time to continuing our education to ensure that our team is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest products on the market for our clients. Lisa, our shading representative, recently attended the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, where she had the opportunity to preview some of the leading design in automatic shading. Renson, a prominent trendsetter in sun protection, was one of the many companies exhibiting their products. They showcased two of their fabric sun protection products that we at LIGHTWORKS are proud suppliers of.    
Slidefix is a horizontally opening development that maximizes sun and wind protection and is the perfect treatment for those with homes that have large openings, sliding windows, or are looking for solutions to their corner windows. Panovista (images featured) is our go-to for our clients with glass-on-glass corner windows that are seeking sun protection, yet still want to enjoy their panorama views. This upscale solution is integrated into the building’s architecture, melting away the worry of losing the aesthetics of the home with the undesirable visibility of cables and aluminum profiles. If you are looking for a sleek shading solution that will compliment the design of your home and maximize the comfort of your environment, these are both exceptional options to choose from that are conveniently available through LIGHTWORKS.